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About our product range


In our espresso category, you will find a diverse selection of coffees, perfect for fully automatic machines, stovetop pots, and portafilters. We place great importance on ensuring that the origin, processing methods, and terroir of the coffee plants are reflected in every cup. Our deliberate choice to avoid overly dark roasting preserves the fantastic characteristics of the green coffee beans.

Whether you're seeking a robust espresso for your cappuccino or a single-origin, lightly roasted coffee, you'll find exactly what you're looking for here.

Filter coffee

Our passion lies especially with our filter coffees. We roast them deliberately light to highlight the incredible variety of flavors in each of our exceptional specialty coffees. Achieving a beautiful balance between diverse aroma profiles and processing methods, as well as the expression of the unique terroir in every cup is always our priority.

These coffees are perfect for preparation with the V60, Chemex, Aeropress, French Press, or a classic filter coffee machine.


Hier findest Du die besten Specialty Coffees aus saisonaler Ernte und die exotischsten Kaffee-Varietäten von denen wir nur kleine Mengen kaufen. Klar im Geschmack und mit außergewöhnlichen Geschmacksprofilen, die das Ergebnis von Excellence im gesamten Prozess sind.

Premium Picks

In our Premium Picks category, you will discover the world's finest coffee selections, curated without compromise. These offerings typically include award-winning competition lots from prestigious events like the World Barista Championships and the World Brewers Cup, as well as Cup of Excellence winners and exceptional Geishas. These outstanding coffees are produced using diverse processing methods by our esteemed long-term partners in Panama, including Hacienda La Esmeralda, Lamastus Elida Estate, Finca Deborah, Lerida Estate, Savage Coffee, and many others.

Our Premium Picks are strictly limited and are deliberately and exclusively lightly roasted for filter brewing to highlight the breathtaking aromas of the green coffee beans.

Seasonality of our speciality coffees

Seasonal freshness and quality are always our top priorities. This commitment drives us to source our specialty coffees fresh from our partners year after year.

Our coffees are suitable for all common preparation methods, including French press, Chemex, Hario V60, filter coffee machines, and all common fully automatic coffee machines (such as Jura, De Longhi, and Sage). Additionally, they are perfect for use in portafilter machines. Whether you are a Third Wave coffee enthusiast or a classic coffee drinker, you will find joy in our offerings.

Direct trade

Direct trade, exclusively specialty coffees, a sustainable and transparent value chain, and rigorous quality control from origin to our coffee roastery in Wedel are paramount to us. Every Leuchtfeuer Coffee offering meets or exceeds the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) score of 86 points, ensuring exceptional quality in every cup

State of the art roastery

At our state-of-the-art coffee roasting plant in Wedel, one of the most modern and innovative in Europe, each coffee is individually roasted, packaged, and shipped across Germany and around the world. At LF Coffee Lab, we are committed to continuously exploring new technologies to enhance our products, positioning ourselves as pioneers in the industry.

We warmly invite you to visit our coffee roastery. We would be delighted to provide you with a short tour or a guided visit of our production facility and answer any questions you may have.

How do we process orders?

Efficient handling and processing of your order is a top priority for us, and we typically dispatch orders on the same day we receive them. We ship exclusively with DHL, DHL Express, or UPS. You will receive a dispatch confirmation with a tracking number as soon as your parcel leaves our roastery.

More than just "Fairtrade"

The current Fairtrade minimum price for a pound (lb) of Arabica coffee is $1.40, with an additional $0.20 for organic-certified coffee. In contrast, our green coffee purchase prices (as of 2023) are, on average, four to five times higher than the Fairtrade minimum. For some of our most exclusive coffees, such as our Panamanian Geishas and our Kenyan selections, we pay directly to the origin at rates eighty to ninety times the current Fairtrade minimum price.

Our commitment is to ensure that everyone involved in the value chain thrives, and we are dedicated to paying a truly fair price for exceptional quality. As a young brand, our medium to long-term goal is to source all our coffees directly from the origin, further expanding and strengthening our relationships with the farmers.

Origin and information

You can find detailed information about the origin, region, or cooperative from which we source our coffee, as well as where it was harvested or processed ("Washing Station"), on each coffee's product page. We also provide details about the processing methods and our recommended preparation techniques. If you have any further questions about our coffees, please do not hesitate to contact us at