Specialty Coffee can only be created through the commitment of people whose passion is to always give quality the highest priority and when all participants in the production chain work together harmoniously and concentrate from start to finish on defined standards and excellence.


Great coffee always begins with the farmer, whose family has often spent generations perfecting their approach to the production of high quality coffee. The coffee plants are grown at selected altitudes and climates and cultivated for years before the first harvest. A Specialty Coffee farmer dedicates his life to refining and enhancing the highest quality coffee he can produce. For him, quality, not quantity, is always the basis of his actions. Only coffees that are free of defects and have been picked at their best degree of ripeness are passed on. By working with quality oriented buyers, the farmer has high profit options and individuals, families and communities around the world are supported and encouraged to continue these high cultivation standards.


The bean will be presented next to the GREEN COFFEE BUYERS. They have a sensitized palate comparable to that of a sommelier and can recognize the quality and potential of the coffee by the so-called “cupping” of brewed coffee. They can taste whether the coffee tested is Speciality Coffee and accordingly award a score that defines the quality. All coffees that receive more than 80 points are considered Specialty Coffee. The buyer then decides which coffees to include in his portfolio and formulates taste characteristics for each coffee, which are also found on the final packaging.


Coffee roasting is an art that requires a great deal of knowledge and experience to develop ideal roasting profiles for each individual coffee. The changing temperatures in the roaster and in the coffee itself must be closely observed throughout the roasting process. Here, scientific principles of heat transfer, thermodynamics and coffee chemistry are applied to extract the highest quality and taste potential from each bean.


Proper preparation guarantees that the potential of the coffee is fully exploited. You don’t have to be a barista to do this. To make your coffee enjoyment perfect, we would like to support you with our Brewing Guide on our website.


By taking the time to find a roasting plant where the quality of the product is the absolute focus, you are not only demonstrating your commitment to a high level of quality and taste, but are also promoting a higher standard of living for the people who have been actively involved in the production of your coffee. This applies in particular to the farmers who give their best in the countries of origin and supply us with excellent green coffee.