Specialty Coffee | Espresso

In our espresso category you will find a wide selection of coffees that are ideal for your fully automatic machine, your stovetop pot or even your portafilter. It is particularly important to us that the origin, the preparation and the terroir in which the coffee plants grow are reflected in the cup. We deliberately do not roast our coffee too dark, so that the fantastic characteristics of the green coffee used are preserved. Whether you are looking for a strong espresso for your cappuccino or something pure and deliberately light roasted, you will find it here.

Specialty Coffee | Filter coffees

Home is where our filter coffee is! Our heart beats especially for our filter coffees. We deliberately roast them light(er) in order to emphasize the incredible variety of aromas contained in each of our fantastic specialty coffees. A nice balance between exciting acids, experimental preparation form and the terroir is always particularly important to us. All coffees are perfectly suited for preparation via V60, Chemex, Aeropress, French Press or even quite classically for the filter coffee machines.

Specialty Coffee | Specials

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Specialty Coffee | Premium Picks

Geisha Heaven & more! In our Premium Picks category you will find uncompromisingly the best coffee lots we can find worldwide. Among them usually always absolute Competition Lots (World Barista Championships, World Brewers Cup), Cup of Excellence winners and Geishas produced in different preparation methods by our longtime cooperation partners from Panama, from whom we source directly: the Hacienda La Esmeralda, Lamastus Elida Estate, Finca Deborah, Lerida Estate or Savage Coffee and many more! Strictly limited. Deliberately and exclusively light roasted as a filter to particularly emphasize the stunning aromas of the green coffee.




Welcome to Leuchtfeuer

Welcome to the Leuchtfeuer Coffee Onlineshop. Here you will find a large selection of directly and sustainably traded Specialty Coffee from all over the world. Whether pure, blend, light, medium or dark roast – here you will find what you are looking for.

Seasonality of our specialty coffees

Seasonal freshness and quality are always in the foreground of our coffees. That’s why we source our specialty coffees fresh from our partners year after year.
Our espresso varieties are available in black bags and our filter coffees in white bags. Of course, our coffees are suitable for all common preparation methods, such as in a French Press, Chemex, Hario V60, filter coffee machine or all common coffee machines (Jura, De Longhi, Sage, etc.) and also filter machines, so that both the third wave coffee enthusiast, but also the very classic coffee drinker will be happy with us.

Direct trade: because sustainability and direct relationships are close to our hearts

Direct trade, exclusively Specialty Coffee, a sustainable and transparent value chain and quality control from the origin to our coffee roastery in Wedel is very important to us. All Leuchtfeuer coffees are at or partly significantly above the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) score of 87 points.

Our state of the art roastery

In our state of the art coffee roastery in Wedel, which is one of the most modern and innovative in Europe, all coffees are individually roasted, packed and shipped from here to Germany and all over the world. Leuchtfeuer Coffee has made it its business to continuously look for new technologies that can make our product even better. In this point we are certainly pioneers. You are always welcome to visit us in our coffee roastery. We will be happy to give you a tour of our production facility and answer any questions you may have.

How do we process orders?

A fast handling and processing of your order is very important to us and usually your order will be shipped the same day we receive it. We ship exclusively with DHL, DHL Express or UPS and of course you will receive a shipping confirmation including tracking number as soon as your package has left our roastery.

More than just “Fairtrade”

The current Fairtrade minimum price for a pound (lb) of coffee (Arabica) is currently $1.40. If it is an organic certified coffee, add about $0.2.
Our green coffee purchase prices (as of 2022) for all coffees are on average four to five times higher than the Fairtrade minimum price. For some of our very exclusive coffees (premium picks), such as our offered Geishas from Panama, but also our coffee from Kenya (“Möwe”) we pay eighty or nine times the current Fairtrade minimum price directly to the origin. We simply want to make sure that everyone involved in the value chain is doing well. As a very young brand, our medium to long term goal is to source all coffee directly from origin and to continue to expand and develop our relationships with farmers at origin.

Origin and information

All questions about the origin, the region or the cooperative from which we source the coffee or where the coffee was harvested or processed (keyword “Washing Station”), as well as information about the type of processing, but also about the coffee preparation method recommended by us can be found on the respective product pages of the coffee. Do not hesitate to contact us at shop@leuchtfeuer.coffee if you have any further questions about the coffees.

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