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Espresso Bundle

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Discover a selection of our seasonal 100% Arabica espressos with our tasting pack and experience different flavours from strong and chocolatey to mild and creamy. The current pack includes:
  • Comal: Guatemala · Single Origin · washed · medium dark roasted · a full-bodied and strong espresso with a chocolaty flavor profile. product
  • Amoruso: Panama · Single Origin · washed · medium dark roasted · an aromatic espresso with a taste of chocolate and sweet wild honey. product
  • Bela Vista: Brazil · Single Origin · pulped natural · medium dark roasted · A strong, creamy espresso, reminiscent of half-baked biscuits, with sweet caramel notes. product
  • Strandweg: Guatemala & Honduras · Blend · washed & pulped natural · medium roasted · A rich espresso blend with sweet notes of toffee and marzipan. product

Each variety comes in 250g whole beans.

Discover your new favorite espresso now and save 12% when you buy this tasting set.

Pickup available at Leuchtfeuer Coffee Roastery

Usually ready in 24 hours

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