Our heart beats for the aromas of high-quality micro and nano lots. We carefully develop our roast profiles reflecting the unique
characteristics of the coffee's terroir and origin. It is our goal to unfold the ideal aroma spectrum of every bean.


Alex & Tanja


Tanja & Alex

When we met in 2015 it was clear that we had a lot in common not least our love for specialty coffee. Over time the dream of our own project in which outstanding quality, traceability, direct trade with long-term relationships, and close connections to the people at the origin stood at the core of our idea. It is essential to us that everyone involved in the value chain does well and gets their fair share. To ensure that our partners at the origin continue to maintain and expand their excellent work on the farms with so much care and high-quality standards we pay multiple times more than the world market fair trade price for all our coffees.
The personal and long-term relationships with our partners are essential to us which is why we regularly travel to origin and buy the fresh harvest there. Please find out more about our partners.



Diversity in the best quality

How different coffee can taste depends on its origin, variety, processing, and roasting which fascinates us again and again. That’s why it’s important to us to offer you the highest possible varieties of aromas and flavors and to share our enthusiasm with you. Therefore and in addition to coffees with classic and well known processing methods (washed & natural) we also have unusual and experimental processing methods such as anaerobic slow dried, yeast fermentation, bag fermentation, carbonic maceration, etc. at hand for you.


Home is where the heart is!

And for us this place is the wonderful “Treppenviertel” in Blankenese which is located in the west of Hamburg directly at the river Elbe. Our brand was born here at the Blankenese lighthouse in 2017. The Treppenviertel district with its beautiful captain’s houses, picturesque paths is the inspiration for our product names.

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