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Nano Challa

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This coffee has a light body with floral notes and hints of sweet pears and candy. It is a classic, washed Ethiopian coffee with intense and sweet aromas.

Size 250 g
Grind Size

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20g in - 300ml out - 93C - 5 pours (40 g - 80g - 60g - 60g - 60g)

Grind size: Coarse

Total brew time: 02:30 - 3:30min max

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Variety Heirloom
Process washed
Producer Nano Challa
Cupping Score 89
Altitude 1930m
Harvest 2022
Roast Profile Light

About this coffee

Family members harvest the coffee cherries and selectively remove any unripe or overripe cherries by hand. The cherries are then taken to the Nano Challa washing station for processing. Using an Eco Pulper, the skin, pulp, and mucilage are separated from the beans without requiring the coffee to be soaked first. The beans are then soaked and washed in concrete tanks with clean water for three to ten hours. Following this, the beans are dried in the shade for six hours and then sorted again by hand. Lastly, the beans are spread out under shade nets on African drying beds and left in the sun for ten days, with extra care taken to cover them with plastic or shade nets at midday and night.

Transparently Traded
Quality Focused
Sustainably Cultivated
Transparently Traded
Quality Focused
Sustainably Cultivated
Transparently Traded
Quality Focused
Sustainably Cultivated


The washing station

Nano Challa is a cooperative and Washingstation founded in 2009 with around 500 members from the Genji Chala region. This region is known for its highly aromatic coffees with unique flavor characteristics.

The washing station stands for sustainability and quality in western Ethiopia. It works transparently and in an environmentally friendly manner and pays the farmers higher premiums. From the start they used eco-pulpers and built water treatment systems based on vetiver. These naturally filter the production water before it is pumped into lagoons to irrigate the soil. In addition, they have set up training programs for the farmers and implemented a good traceability system.

There are some farmers in this region whose farms are up to 3 hectares in size, which is a very large farm by Ethiopian standards. The average farm size of small farmers in Ethiopia is closer to half a hectare. Most of the coffee comes from organic farming, as the use of organic compost is widespread here. Typically fewer than 1,500 trees are planted per hectare, with one tree typically producing 100 to 200 grams of green coffee.