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Exotic cream

A new Leuchtfeuer experiment in cooperation with our partner farm Don Eli in Costa Rica. This beautifully complex and creamy single origin espresso has a full body and a long fruity aftertaste. We cupped passion fruit, dark grapes and a mandarin finish.

Size 250g
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94C - 19g in - 47 out - 30-35 sec

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Origin Costa Rica · Tarrazú
Variety Catuai
Process Natural Anaerobic, 5 tage tank fermented, slow dried
Producer Don Eli · Carlos Montero
Cupping Score 89
Altitude 2000m
Harvest 2023
Roast Profile Light

About this coffee

This is our third experiment in close cooperation with our partner farm Don Eli in Tarrazú / Costa Rica. Since 2018 we have been sourcing our coffee from Carlos Montero, one of the most experienced coffee farmers in Tarrazú, the best and highest coffee-growing region in Costa Rica. Together with his very ambitious and adventurous son Jacob, he develops what we believe to be the most interesting coffees in the region. Reason enough to develop a new "experimental solder". Almost 200 kg of green coffee of the Catuai variety, which grows on the highest part of Carlos Farm (La Pastora), was used for this. After handpicking only the ripest and best coffee cherries for our batch, we stored them in hermetically sealed fermentation tanks (fermentation tanks) for five days. With regular monitoring of pH and temperature, the cherries were then dried on outdoor desiccant beds for almost 4 weeks until the optimal moisture content was reached. The result is a great, fruity coffee.

Direct Trade
Quality Focused
Sustainably Cultivated
Direct Trade
Quality Focused
Sustainably Cultivated
Direct Trade
Quality Focused
Sustainably Cultivated


The Farm

We have been trading our coffee directly with the Don Eli farm in Costa Rica for 6 years. Carlos Montero's incredible passion, professionalism and dedication to coffee can be felt everywhere and no step is left to chance. The coffee of this lot comes from "La Pastora" and offers extreme altitudes of at least 1900 meters. The microclimate is ideal for growing coffee: the soil is very fertile, the air is fresh and cool, on the one hand it rains a lot, on the other hand the crescent-shaped plot receives many hours of sunshine per day. The height allows for optimal growth and slow ripening of the coffee cherries, making the taste even more intense. Carlos carefully fertilizes the trees of La Pastora and uses various methods to protect the coffee plants from diseases. We believe that the plantation's unique location and the great care Carlos devotes to it means that this hillside produces harvest after harvest some of the best coffees Costa Rica has to offer.