Panama · CM, cascara infused, washed

Echo Geisha · Finca Deborah

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Nectar Delight

This experimental processed Geisha is exceptionally floral, elegant and captivating with its peach sweetness and a round apricot mouthfeel, tasting like sweet nectar. It has a medium body with an intense aftertaste, and rightfully bears the name "Echo".

Size 125g
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20g in - 300ml out - 93C - 5 pours (60g per pour)

Total brew time: 3:30min

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Origin Panama · Volcan
Variety Geisha
Process carbonic maceration, cascara infused, washed
Producer Finca Deborah · Jamison Savage
Cupping Score 92
Altitude 1950m
Harvest 2023
Roast Profile light

About this coffee

The extremely complex ECHO processing begins with the harvesting of perfectly ripe geisha cherries with the values 21-24 on a BRIX scale. Before processing, the coffee cherries are carefully sorted a second time. After selection, the cherries are depulped, whereby the pit is separated from the pulp and only a certain part of the fruit remains on the pit (the bean). A certain amount of cascara (the rind of the coffee cherry) is placed in the tank and mixed with the freshly depulped coffee beans. This mixture is then stored in a closed tank for over 50 hours and is constantly monitored and adjusted if necessary. The PH value, the temperature and the CO2 content are the most important parameters that need to be carefully monitored. The ambient temperature is also strictly monitored and controlled to ensure linearity in processing as well. After the required time in the CO2-infused tanks, the coffee and cascara are removed, rinsed in fresh water to remove any residual pulp, and then placed on a shady African drying bed designed by Jamison. Direct sunlight is avoided here, as the intense UV radiation and heat can cause cracks in the parchment. Temperatures, heat, and humidity are rigorously maintained within established ranges within the drying houses to produce an ideal coffee.

Direct Trade
Quality Focused
Sustainably Cultivated
Direct Trade
Quality Focused
Sustainably Cultivated
Direct Trade
Quality Focused
Sustainably Cultivated


The Farm

Finca Deborah's mission is to cultivate, process, and deliver only the highest quality coffee available anywhere in the world. Located at an elevation of 1900+ meters and nestled deep in the mountains of Volcan, Finca Deborah is often shrouded in dense cloud coverage for most of the year. The plantation boasts a beautiful, natural environment where rare species of plants and animals thrive, and where Geisha coffee grows to its full potential under the protection of the lush rainforest canopy. Carefully monitoring the harvesting process is one of the most critical steps in a long list of quality control requirements. By hand-picking only the ripest cherries and processing those that meet our exacting standards, they can ensure that Finca Deborah Geisha stands as one of the world's best Geisha coffees.