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Lerida Geisha natural · Finca Lerida

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Captured Bliss

This truly exceptional Geisha coffee has a refined and striking flavour profile. Its pure elegance and cleanliness are complemented by a crisp fusion of pomegranate, sweet grapefruit and dragon fruit sorbet that dances on the palate.

Size 125g
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20g in - 300ml out - 93C - 5 pours (40 g - 80g - 60g - 60g - 60g)

Grind size: Coarse

Total brew time: 02:30 - 3:30min max

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Origin Panama · Boquete
Variety Geisha
Processing Natural
Producer María Antonella Amoruso
Farm Lerida Estate
Cupping Score 91,5
Altitude 1670m – 1950m
Harvest 2023
Roast Level Light

About this coffee

The Geisha coffee cherries are carefully harvested by hand only when they have reached their sweetest point of ripeness - recognisable by their deep red colour. Impressively, a single bush is harvested up to eight times to ensure that all the coffee cherries are picked at the perfect point of ripeness. After harvesting, the cherries are washed, with the water being sustainably recycled. It is then slowly dried in the fresh air during the day, turning constantly, and at night in a special drying house.

This coffee reflects the unique terroir that makes it so exceptional worldwide. The taste reveals the excellence of the conditions in which these coffee cherries thrive - a true masterpiece from the world of speciality coffee.

Direct Trade
Quality Focused
Sustainably Cultivated
Direct Trade
Quality Focused
Sustainably Cultivated
Direct Trade
Quality Focused
Sustainably Cultivated


The Farm

This unique coffee comes from the world-famous Finca Lérida - the very first coffee plantation established in Panama in 1925 and still known today for producing some of the best and most sought-after coffees in the world. The picturesque Finca Lérida is located right next to the renowned Lamastus Estate, and both benefit from the unique microclimate in the Boquete region. Here, coffee plants thrive in the most optimal conditions in all of Panama.

We are particularly happy to have a direct relationship with the Amoruso family farm, who now run the estate. We have been buying coffee directly from them for 4 years now. Maria Amoruso, the eldest of five siblings, grew up in Boquete. Even as a little girl, she helped her grandfather grow coffee plants and process them. Her dream was always to own her own farm. When Finca Lerida came up for sale in 2009, she breathed new life into this special place with one of the best locations for growing coffee. She planted Geisha plants and five years ago even planted the SL 34 variety from Kenya, with which she won fourth place at the BOP.