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Elida Geisha Torre · Lamastus

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Sweet Nectar

Expect a stunning expression of variety and terroir in your cup. Sourced from Elida Estate's award winning Torre Lot, this washed Geisha has rich notes of fresh peach and sweet honeydew melon. The overall expression is super elegant and bright, like vibrant flowers with a medium body and nectar-like mouthfeel. All in all, it is very sweet and complete.

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Origin Panama · Boquete
Variety Geisha
Lot Torre
Process Washed
Producer Lamastus Family Estates
Farm Elida Estate
Cupping Score 91,75
Altitude 1670m – 1959m
Harvest 2023
Roast Profile light

Über diesen Kaffee

Torres Lot:
The Torre plot is a multiple BOP champion. This plot is located between 1670 and 1950 masl in the mountains of the Elida Estate with amazing sun exposure. Elida Estate has the highest coffee growing area in all of Panama. Cultivated by the Lamastus family of Boquete Panama, this award winning Torre microlot is a stunning example of the Geisha variety, terroir and processing.

The cherries are carefully handpicked at peak ripeness by the local Ngobe-Bugle Indians in an area where the producers' main objective is to keep the environment in its most pristine and natural state. The coffee is then processed with the utmost care to preserve the coffee's rich flavour during the washing process. The beans are left to ferment for 36 to 48 hours shortly after picking to allow the mucilage to do its job on the seed until it is ready to be removed. This fermentation takes place in Elida, where the night temperature is 13-15°C and the day temperature is 18-20°C. The beans are then pulped, carefully washed and placed on drying beds where they are dried for 15 to 20 days. The coffee is then meticulously selected, rested for 60 days, vacuum-sealed and exported directly. These Estate coffees are considered some of the finest in the world.

Direkt trade:
We have been visiting the Lamastus family regularly since 2020 and are proud to call them friends. Not only are they one of the most innovative producer families who have worked hard for generations to produce one of the best quality coffees, but they are also truly loving people who care about the environment and people.

Direct Traded
Quality Focused
Sustainably Cultivated
Direct Traded
Quality Focused
Sustainably Cultivated
Direct Traded
Quality Focused
Sustainably Cultivated


The Producer

The Terroir:
The Elida Estate farm is located in the Volcán Barú National Park (VBNP), a protected ecological reserve and conservation area for exotic plants and birds. The farm has a total of 65 hectares, of which 40 hectares are planted with Catuai, Geisha and some Typica; the rest is private forest reserve or within the VBNP. The coffees are produced in a unique climate, soil and location. The farm is located at a very high altitude (one of the highest coffee farms in Panama) between the Caribbean Sea (35 km to the north) and the Pacific Ocean (55 km to the south).

Coffee is grown in rich, young volcanic soils at low temperatures. An abundance of fog and mist during the ripening season prolongs the process, allowing the exotic characteristics of the Geisha cherries to develop to their full potential. The coffee trees are surrounded by pristine rainforest, which is home to many beneficial micro-organisms such as yeasts, bacteria, etc.
Nights at the lower end of coffee's temperature tolerance allow the trees to produce for up to 6 ½ years (2-4 years longer than average) and extend the ripening period by a month, which is reflected in the development of the bean's rich flavour profile. All of these unique growing conditions result in a superior cup.

The Producer:
Lamastus Family Estates

For four generations, dating back to 1918, the Lamastus family has dedicated themselves to coffee production at Elida Estate. The unique ecological conditions under which Elida Estate coffees are cultivated set them apart: embracing shade grown practices, fostering a bird friendly environment, situated at a lofty altitude with a microclimate featuring notably low temperatures. Moreover, the coffee trees are enveloped by the pristine Volcan Baru National Park, surrounded by a virgin native rainforest.

Around the dawn of the 21st century, Robert Lamastus initiated the cultivation of Arabica coffee on a plantation nestled at approximately 1700 meters above sea level, situated on the slopes of the Baru volcano in Boquete, Panama. Back then, he meticulously processed and exported a coffee that persists as one of the globe's premier quality offerings. Fast forward three generations, and the Lamastus family proudly upholds this legacy, persistently crafting, processing, and exporting their distinct estate coffees.