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New website I Every year again?

More performance!

Our new website is finally live. After we went online in April 2022 after a long preparation with a major update of our then website, we had to realize in the last 12 months - also thanks to your criticism and your feedback - that many things and functionalities and speed were everything, just not premium.

This caused us to critically rethink everything related to our website at the time and finally to develop it from scratch.

At this point we would also like to thank all our loyal customers who have remained loyal to us despite the unstable and slow side in the last year! We are truly grateful for each individual who took these hurdles to order our coffee. You are the best!

With the change of the shop system, the functionalities are now (finally) available to us, such as our completely redesigned and functioning (!) B2B area, which we urgently need in order to meet the high demand in this area.

Please create a new customer account, as the old data could not be transferred.

Please forgive us if it was still a bit jerky at the beginning and a few little things were missing here and there. We will try to fix these bugs over the next few weeks.


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