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LF Coffee Lab

Leuchtfeuer Coffee = LF Coffee Lab

Welcome to LF Coffee Lab - the new chapter in our journey! You may have noticed: The mysterious "LF" has made its way into our Instagram account and our daily communications. Today, we'd like to finally reveal why we chose this new name and what developments inspired us to make this change.

History and evolution

LF Coffee Lab is the new name that comes from the roots of Leuchtfeuer Coffee. The 'LF' stands for Leuchtfeuer and symbolises not only our past, but also our evolution. When we started our journey in 2017, we never dreamed that our coffee would now excite speciality coffee lovers around the world.

The decision to shorten the name came from the realisation that 'Leuchtfeuer' was difficult for non-German speaking customers to pronounce and remember. However, we kept the basic idea as we decided together at Leuchtfeuer Blankenese / Hamburg to found a speciality coffee roastery in line with our values and aspirations. Over time, we developed and established ourselves as a laboratory for the highest quality speciality coffees, which finally led to the name change to LF Coffee Lab.

Transparency and innovation in production

From the very beginning, our goal was to trade coffee in a transparent and direct way. Knowing our farmers personally at the origin and building long-term relationships has been essential for us. Our commitment to quality has also led us to add innovative machinery to our roastery. These machines, including a green coffee humidor for our seasonal coffees, not only improve quality but also set us apart from other roasteries.

Our roastery has become a laboratory for the highest quality, where every stage of production is carefully considered. For example, the coffee is sorted by machine, similar to the process used in winemaking.

Variety in the range: premium picks and speciality coffees

We offer a wide range of espresso and filter coffees. Particularly noteworthy are our Premium Picks, which are sourced from award-winning farms around the world with unique lots. We believe in variety because taste is subjective. However, every coffee in our range is of outstanding speciality coffee quality, traded directly and transparently.

The future of LF Coffee Lab

LF Coffee Lab stands for continuous development and dedication to the highest quality coffee. Our journey has made us a laboratory for taste and innovation. Join us on this journey as we continue to evolve and achieve the highest standards in the world of speciality coffee.


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