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Geisha Heaven & more! In our Premium Picks category you will find uncompromisingly the best coffee lots we can find worldwide. Among them usually always absolute Competition Lots (World Barista Championships, World Brewers Cup), Cup of Excellence winners and Geishas produced in different preparation methods by our longtime cooperation partners from Panama, from whom we source directly: the Hacienda La Esmeralda, Lamastus Elida Estate, Finca Deborah, Lerida Estate or Savage Coffee and many more! Strictly limited. Deliberately and exclusively light roasted as a filter to particularly emphasize the stunning aromas of the green coffee.

Geisha coffee & more

In our Leuchtfeuer Coffee Premium Picks category you will find the highest quality, most exceptional coffees we could find year after year. No matter if it is the origin, the processing method or the variety: green coffee quality, seasonality, freshness and direct trade are of course in absolute focus.

Panama Geisha Coffee

Since 2019, we have been cooperating with the most renowned and established coffee producers in Panama, which we visit every year during the main harvest season to make the selection for our green coffee purchases. Learn more about our producers and suppliers, such as Hacienda La Esmeralda, Elida Lamastus Estate, Lerida Estate or Finca Deborah or Savage Coffees, in our Insights under Partners, if you want more information about our directly traded specialty coffees.
Panama Geisha is one of the best sources of this unique coffee variety. It is characterized by optimal climatic conditions, which in their mix of optimal cultivation altitude of 1500-2000m, sufficient hours of sunshine, but also sufficient rainfall, year after year ensures that Panama Geisha achieves record prices at the BOP (Best of Panama) or other auction platforms and experiences an extremely high demand worldwide.
All Premium Picks are almost exclusively roasted to order in our roastery in Wedel. A Stronghold roaster from Korea is used for this purpose. With the innovative technology installed in the roaster, we guarantee a high degree of reproducibility and consistency in every roast. In addition, all coffees in the Premium Picks category, after being filled into our bags, are first vacuumed and then nitrogen is added for a fraction of a second and then sealed. By adding this harmless substance, 78% of which is contained in breathable air, we provide additional protection and prevent these extremely high quality coffees from beginning to age prematurely or losing their aroma.

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