Big body, heavy sweetness, syrupy


Rum chocolate fudge with loads of heavy sweet mango & pineapple fruits

PRODUCER: Nordic Approach
VARIETY: Heirloom
PROCESSING: natural (anaerobic fermentation)
ALTITUDE: +2000m

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SEMEON ABAY Filter Coffee (Anaerobic Fermentation)

Our new Premium Pick is coming from Ethiopia this time and we literally have been waiting for this specific lot for almost 6 months! If you’ve tried our FUNKELFEUER and love that funkyness to it you gonna freak out once you’ve tried this one (in the most positive way of course). 

This Ethiopian natural was an experimental lot from Nordic Approach that was quite challenging to get out of Ethiopia logistically over the last few months. What does it make it so special? Well…here you go: The Semeon Abay coffee is „bag fermented“: (…) We are very selective on the qualities used for this specific experiment: The cherries come from high altitudes, around 2000 masl, and they are floated and hand-sorted before we begin fermentation. The cherries are then stuffed into polypropylene bags which are stacked in piles of two. Every 12 hours, for five days, we rotate the coffees, so the bag on the bottom becomes the bag on the top. By restricting the air circulating the cherries, we increase the development of lactic bacteria, resulting in intense, fruity and sweet coffees. After five days we remove the cherries from the bags and spread them in thin layers on the drying beds to stop the fermentation process. The average drying time is 15-20 days. / NordicApproach (…). 

This natural tastes unlike any other natural we have cupped from Ethiopia this season and believe us: we have cupped many. Expect and think of super ripe and sweet mango, fermented pineapple & stewed strawberries filled with loads of funk to it!

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