Super sweet, Silky, Medium Body


Green Apple, Grapefruit, Floral

ORIGIN: Daterra // Brazil, Cerrado
VARIETY: Laurina
PROCESSING: Natural Anaerobic
ALTITUDE: +1200m

From 21,00 


Watermelon, Starfruit, white Currant

Daterra Estate is one of the world’s most famous coffee plantations in Brazil, where the coffee is made with the aim and maxim of absolute quality and sustainability. All coffees from the farms that belong to the Daterra network have also been certified by the Rainforest Alliance since 2003. This means that coffee is grown on farms where forests, rivers and soils are protected and wildlife is preserved. Farmers receive decent wages and access to medical care and education. This very small farm, on which all masterpieces grow, are meticulously processed and perfected, is a kind of laboratory, in which mostly new processing methods for coffee production and the highest quality standards are tested. The “Lab” is rich in new and unusual varieties, processing methods, drying techniques and limitless experiments. Each coffee has a unique cup profile and scores over 88 points, is fully traceable, planted and grown with history and can never be duplicated and is therefore absolutely unique!

Every year Daterra tries to find and produce unique and outstanding lots: the so-called Daterra “Masterpieces”. Normally these absolute nano lots are auctioned online at an annual auction. The absolute top lots, some of which only 50kg or 100kg are available, are usually sold out within a few seconds. Our LAURINA lot offered here was one of them next to the second lot that we were able to secure for ourselves (ARAMOSA).

Varietal info:

It’s a tricky plant – Daterra has been studying it for 25 years until they finally got it right. What makes it so difficult? Simple: the plant produces very little caffeine, which is a very important defense component for the plant since it acts as a natural insecticide. The short, pine-shaped trees also have low productivity and die easily. On the bright side, the beans are also very low in caffeine and we believe that’s the reason behind Laurina’s remarkable sweetness and cleanliness.

Process info:

The cherries fermented inside a tank equipped with a valve system that prevents any gas from entering the tank. As the cherries ferment, they release CO2 and, because carbon dioxide is denser than oxygen, it pushes the lighter gas out through the valve. After a few hours, the tank environment becomes completely anaerobic, allowing the perfect conditions for microorganisms to perform enzymatic reactions inside of the beans.

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