acidic delicate, clean, light body


Lemon sorbet, floral, lime

ORIGIN: Volcán, Panama
VARIETY: Bourbon
PROCESSING: Carbonic Maceration, natural

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Lemon Sorbet, Floral, Limone

The “carbonic maceration” process has been used in the wine industry for several decades. The application of this process in coffee is only a few years old. In 2015, Jamison Savage was one of the first in the world to start the CM process with coffee. Over the past 6 years he has practiced various CM techniques and built an international reputation as the industry leader in carbonated coffee mashing. Jamison’s coffees have won numerous titles in barista and Brewer’s Cup competitions both nationally and internationally and featured in some of the best cafes and Michelin star restaurants in the world.

The Bourbon Natural CM process begins with the harvest of perfectly ripe Bourbon cherries with a value of 24-27 on a BRIX meter. The cherries are then carefully selected a second time on African drying beds. After the selection, the cherries are deposited in a hermetically sealed tank for a long time. This extended fermentation time enables the cherries to absorb the deep, dark fruit qualities. The coffee is constantly monitored and data is cataloged. pH, temperature and CO2 levels are the most important units to be carefully observed. Ambient temperatures are monitored and controlled to ensure high quality processing, with regular CO2 infusions throughout the day to ensure that the fermentation process is properly controlled.

After the required time in the CO2 infused tanks the bourbon cherries are removed and carefully placed on the top level of a three-level african drying bed designed by Jamison himself where the coffee dries to a certain humidity and is then lowered to the second level on which the cherries are dried in the shade for the remainder of their drying cycle.

Temperatures, heat and humidity are strictly controlled in the dry houses and kept within certain parameters.

We are pleased to be able to offer you this strictly limited (only 180kg of green coffee have been produced) & complex processed coffee with an totally amazing cup profile!

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