Filter coffees

Home is where our filter coffee is! Our heart beats especially for our filter coffees. We deliberately roast them light(er) in order to emphasize the incredible variety of aromas contained in each of our fantastic specialty coffees. A nice balance between exciting acids, experimental preparation form and the terroir is always particularly important to us. All coffees are perfectly suited for preparation via V60, Chemex, Aeropress, French Press or even quite classically for the filter coffee machines.

The seasonality of our coffees

We purchase the green coffees for our specialty coffees exclusively on a seasonal basis. That is why we always buy only as much green coffee for the respective product as is needed for the following harvest. This can sometimes mean that we cannot permanently stock some filter coffees in our range, as they are already sold out before the harvest change. Maximum freshness and seasonality are two of our quality promises that we guarantee you.

The origin of our coffees

It is important to us that the origin is reflected in each of our special filter coffees, and that the sometimes breathtaking terroir of the coffee plants from which our partners in origin hand-pick the coffee cherries is also reflected in the cup and flavor profile.

Leuchtfeuer Premium Coffee

We source our premium coffee beans from the best growing areas in the world, such as the volcanic area around Boquete in Panama (Hacienda La Esmeralda, Elida Lamastus Estate, Finca Deborah, Finca Lerida). Therefore, when searching for green coffee, we focus on exceptional and first-class growing areas. In our portfolio we have both floral light and deliberately light roasted coffees to highlight and emphasize the breathtaking fruit acids of each variety, as well as somewhat darker roasted (medium roast) filter coffees to also pick up the classic coffee drinker. Currently we offer Specialty Coffee as filter coffee from the following origins: Ethiopia, Kenya, El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia, Peru.

Coffee preparation and focus

Our focus and philosophy in our coffee roasts is to achieve the highest possible variety of flavors, coupled with great sweetness and lasting body. In addition to the classic coffee preparation methods, such as washed or dried (washed & natural) preparation, we are also always on the lookout for new trends or current developments in the specialty coffee world. These range from anaerobically fermented coffees to the method of carbonic maceration, which incidentally – like so many things – comes from wine processing and is very common there.

This is carried out exclusively in closed fermentation tanks, where a controlled and strictly recorded amount of carbon dioxide is added to the coffee cherries (with or without pulp) over a certain period of time. In this method, microbiological processes produce unique and particularly intense flavor aromas that we like to describe as “funk.” Fermented coffees often have notes of ripe mango, pineapple or tropical fruit.

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