Full body, creamy, sweet


Chocolate, caramel and nutty

KOOPERATIVE: COMAL / Huehuetenango
VARIETY: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra
APPROACH HEIGHTS: 1800m – 2100m

Bio & Organic

From 10,50 


Chocolate, caramel and nutty


This blend of fully washed SHB EP FTO coffee was produced by a group of 124 female producers working with the Asociación Civil Comercializadora Maya Alternativa (COMAL). It is full-bodied with lots of chocolate, citrus and tropical fruit.

With COMAL’s support, the women producers who contributed to the Café de Mujeres lot are focusing on improving the quality of their coffee and the environmental sustainability of their farms. They participate in livestock projects, make their own organic fertilizers, attend workshops on entrepreneurship and financial literacy, and regularly renew and nurture the roots of coffee plants to keep the trees healthy and productive.

We contribute a premium from each bag of COMAL Mujeres sold to support a traveling medical and dental clinic. The medical and dental clinic, organized by exporter UNEX, conducts 12 one-week clinics per year and serves more than 300 producers in each week of operation.

The premiums from each bag of COMAL Mujeres go specifically to support women’s health. UNEX met with a physician to determine how to most effectively support women’s health in the communities where they work. Premiums from these sales go toward providing complete vitamin tablets that deliver nutrients that are underrepresented in their diets and promote healthy, long-lasting lives.

While coffee is the main source of income for these producers, they also grow honey, fruit trees, and subsistence crops such as corn and beans. They also plant trees to preserve biodiversity and protect groundwater reserves and a variety of flowers and plants that attract bees and increase their honey production.

Each producer processes and dries his own coffee on small terraces. They all have their own small pulpers, fermentation tanks, washers and parabolic dryers. They all have their own small pulpers, fermentation tanks, washers and parabolic dryers. Here, the quality team analyzes each batch. Depending on the quality, it is either kept separately and sold as a microlot or blended with other coffees from the same producer organization and quality group.

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