BOJE 128 – HONDURAS (Caballeros)

Complex and intense mouthfeel & medium body


Sweet plum, amaretto, raisin

FARMER: Caballeros Family
ORIGIN: Marcala
ALTITUDE: +1600m

From 12,50 


Plum, Amaretto, Raisin

Only a stone’s throw away from the lighthouse Blankenese, it floats lonely and proud: the portside buoy – we call it “Boje” 😉 – of the fairway of the river Elbe. Each of these buoys is numbered consecutively and serves as an orientation aid and marking of the Elbe waterway for navigation. The buoy which is located directly at the lighthouse Blankenese has number “128”. Reason enough to integrate the “Buoy 128” into our shop.

Our first Single Origin Espresso comes from Honduras! An extraordinarily intense and complex espresso, which together with milk loses its typical funky fruity characteristics of a natural, but at the same time adds very special notes. This is how the flavours of amaretto, almond, ripe raisin and hazelnut emerge in the finish.

Intentionally roasted slightly brighter and more gently, the “BOJE 128” is also suitable as filter coffee (recommendation 62gr/1 litre). Once cooled down a little, especially dark, juicy ripe sweet berries appear, paired with a very creamy body.

Caballero // Finca El Puente

The farm from which our green coffee comes is run by the Herrera & Caballero couple, with approximately 200 hectares of land in the second and third generation of the family. Top quality and innovative processing techniques are the focus of the farm owners, which among other awards earned them third place in the “Coffee of the Year” award in 2010 and in subsequent years very good results in the “Cup of Excellence”. We are proud to be able to offer you one of their microlots.

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