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In our espresso category you will find a wide selection of coffees that are ideal for your fully automatic machine, your stovetop pot or even your portafilter. It is particularly important to us that the origin, the preparation and the terroir in which the coffee plants grow are reflected in the cup. We deliberately do not roast our coffee too dark, so that the fantastic characteristics of the green coffee used are preserved. Whether you are looking for a strong espresso for your cappuccino or something pure and deliberately light roasted, you will find it here.

Specialty Coffee Espresso

In our Leuchtfeuer Espresso assortment you will find a large selection of premium espresso beans, which are perfectly suitable for all common preparation methods.
No matter if you own a fully automatic coffee maker, a stovetop pot, an espresso stove or a portafilter and are looking for suitable espresso beans: our espressos cover the complete aroma spectrum. All Leuchtfeuer espressos are suitable for all common fully automatic espresso machines (WMF, Jura, De Longhi and others). The following varieties are particularly well suited for a fully automatic coffee machine: Waseberg, Sandbank and Süllberg.

100% Arabica & 100% Robusta

Are you looking for a real pick-me-up? Then we can recommend our Anker, a 100% directly traded Robusta from India. Would you like something more fruity? Then we can recommend our Strandweg blend. A 100% Arabica blend from Guatemala and Honduras.

Third wave coffee

For the third wave enthusiasts among you, who are looking for a single origin espresso for their grinder (or for single dosing), we would like to recommend our light roasted espressos Boje 128, Kapitän, Lotse, Slopes of 8, La Pastora or the strong Bergziege.

Preparation recommendation & brewing recipes

Especially in summer or for special espresso creations, such as Espresso Martini, Espresso Macchiato, Espresso Tonic or even quite classic Espresso with vanilla ice cream: with our Specialty Espresso varieties you will always succeed with your favorite drink. Of course, different espresso varieties also require espresso grind adjustments to your grinder. On our product pages you will find preparation recommendations (brewing recipes, etc.) that will help you prepare the espresso in the best possible way. If you have any further questions, if your espresso tastes too bitter, too sour or similar, please contact us via hallo@leuchtfeuer.coffee.

Espresso cups & more

Suitable for Espresso, Espresso Macchiato, Cappuccino and Co. we have beautiful Espresso cups (thick-walled) or also Cappuccino cups in the set with beautiful golden imprint of our logo in the home area of our store. Seasonality and freshness are of course in the absolute foreground of our espresso varieties. Therefore, we obtain our directly and sustainably traded espresso varieties fresh every year or at each harvest year after year.

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