Espresso blend 70% Arabica & 30% Robusta beans

Arabica beans from: Brazil & Colombia

Robusta beans from: India


Strong body, nutty


Almond, dark chocolate, nutmeg

It is a very full-bodied and powerful espresso, yet at the same time complex and very aromatic, with spicy notes and an incredibly thick crema. We taste dark chocolate, almond and nutmeg.

The unique aroma comes from the harmonious blend of Brazilian and Colombian Arabica beans combined with thirty percent Indian Robusta.

And how did this special name come about? Read more below.

VARIETY: Catuai & Pink Bourbon & Robusta // PROCESSING: natural & washed

CUPPING SCORE: 84 & 84 // ALTITUDE: 1200m – 1650m – 1100m

7,90 28,90 




Almond, Dark Chocolate, Nutmeg

Well, the “Bergziege” (or “mountain goat” – a bus route) is known beyond Hamburg’s city and state borders. Everyone from Hamburg and Blankenese knows it anyway.

Quote from the Hamburger Abendblatt from January 26, 2012:

(…) “It winds its way through the stair quarter. To the right and left old rows of houses with sloping walls and projections, the side mirror almost touches a low-hanging balcony. Walls with dense vegetation come so close that the branches scratch over the bus windows. The vehicle wobbles over bumpy cobblestone pavement, cars parked with pinpoint precision and bollards – no hand fits between bus and bollard.
It’s a real obstacle course that bus Bergziege and its driver master together. The descent takes a few minutes, then the bus turns right into the beach path. Suddenly there is a clear view of the river Elbe, a white sandy beach and gently undulating waves. Uwe Laue (the bus driver) and his passengers chat about the weather. For people from Blankenese it is a normal ride.” (…)

Blankenese without bus route 48 is like a lighthouse without light and therefore predestined to give its name to our characteristic blend.