Inhaber Alexander Lipphardt




founder & owner of Leuchtfeuer Coffee since 2017. Together with my lovely wife we try to source the most amazing coffees from around the world for you and I am currently responsible for every single roasted batch that is being packed & shipped out to you. Coffee – like for many others – and the passion for specialty coffee in particular has been in my blood for over a decade now. Out of pure curiosity I started out roasting privately on a small Hottop 250gr sample roaster in our basement years ago and developed the basic understanding of time & temperature and what effect these two variables have on the flavor of coffee. And believe me: Throughout this exciting journey I have probably and most definitely also roasted the worst tasting coffees as well but as we know…there simply is just no better way of learning a new skill than by just doing and the trial & error method.
From my first Loring training sessions mid 2017 until today I have roasted hundreds of batches, continuously invested in training (and will keep on doing that) and will most likely roast my 1000th batch of coffee on one of our two Loring roasters by the end of this year (2019).

I am extremely thankful for the feedback we receive at such an early stage of our brand to our coffees whether it’s via email, social media, on the phone or directly & in person in our roastery no matter if it’s good or bad: this was and will be the most important ingredient to making our products better!

Thank you so much for supporting and sticking with us so far



Out of pure conviction we roast on one of the most innovative coffee roasting machines ever: a “Loring Smart Roast” coffee roaster! Thanks to the built-in and patented technology, this roaster is able to produce much clearer coffee with less smoky roasting aromas. Particularly with lighter roasts, the diverse, individual aromas of the green coffee become more distinct. What is also decisive for us is its high energy efficiency (80% more effective than conventional coffee roasters), which generates a better CO2 footprint that protects our environment. Our Loring produces no odour emissions during the roasting process, only hot air and of course excellent coffee.

Roastery Leuchtfeuer
Heidelbeeren auf Kaffeesack



We like it Nordic!

That’s why you’ll find mainly lighter roasts in our shop, because these are where the complex, fruity notes of our different coffees particularly come to the fore, which are mostly lost in a darker roast. Of course, we also have classic, darker espresso roasts for you, which are particularly popular in milk-based drinks such as cappuccino or flat white. These are particularly chocolaty, sweet and full-bodied.



In the future we will trade directly and currently work with a green coffee supplier for specialty coffee from Oslo/Norway: Nordic Approach.

At Nordic Approach, each coffee is selected according to its cup profile. They also share our philosophy that the high quality of green coffee can only go hand in hand with above-average prices for farmers from the respective growing regions of the countries of origin, so that farmers can maintain their high quality standards and continue to improve them. This is why our purchase prices for green coffee are significantly higher than the usual Fairtrade prices. We want to make sure that you always buy the best possible quality from us, and also that the farmers from our countries of origin are fairly rewarded for their conscientious and passionate work.

zwei Haende

800 AROMAS //


Coffee has up to 800 aromas and therefore much more than wine. We try to get the maximum aroma out of each bean at every single roasting. The sensory character of a coffee depends on many factors, such as the variety of the bean, the processing, origin and cultivation altitude of the green coffee, the type of roasting and of course also on the grinding degree of the ground coffee and finally on the preparation method. The wide range of aromas includes flowery and fruity notes, as well as chocolate, nuts and spices. Brighter roasts highlight the floral and fruity notes, while darker roasts bring out the chocolaty and caramel notes.



Home is where the heart is!

For us this place is the enchanting Treppenviertel “stairs quarter” in Blankenese, which lies directly on the river Elbe in the west of Hamburg. Here at the Low Lighthouse Blankenese, which together with the High Lighthouse forms a navigational aid for the ships that head for the port of Hamburg, our brand was born and therefore bears this name. The Treppenviertel with its beautiful captain’s houses, picturesque paths and enchanted alleys is a popular excursion destination all year round – not only for the people of Hamburg. This is where you can follow the tides of the Elbe River every day and where the passing ships can quickly make you long for distant places. This is where we are inspired for our coffee.

Leuchtturm Blankenese