Our goal is to offer you the best possible coffee quality with the broadest range of flavors.
Our goal is to offer you the best possible coffee quality with the broadest range of flavors.
Our goal is to offer you the best possible coffee quality with the broadest range of flavors.


Directly traded seasonal coffee

For all our coffees, we only look for exceptional and high-quality lots in specialty quality with an SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) score of 84 points or more, mostly above that (see PREMIUM PICKS ). To ensure the highest quality and a wide range of aromas, we only source the freshest of the season's harvest to provide you with the freshest products until the next harvest.
We collaborate with coffee producers who are highly committed, innovativ and decicated to qulity and we source our coffee either directly or through a partner who upholds our values and ensures a transparent supply chain. Find out more about our partners we buy coffee from .


Maximum flavour freshness

Green coffee has a moisture content of just 10-12% when we receive it from our countries of origin. To ensure that it maintains this level for as long as possible and thus remains fresh and aromatic, all of Leuchtfeuer Coffee's green coffees are stored in a unique and specially designed room within our roastery. This cooling storage is fully air-conditioned throughout the year (15 degrees Celsius) and the humidity is always between 50% and 55%. In this way, we guarantee consistently high quality and perfect environmental conditions so that our seasonal coffee retains its full aroma until the next harvest.


Color Sorting

Out of conviction, we have been roasting on two Loring brand roasters since 2017. These extremely efficient and enormously energy-saving coffee roasters have a minimal Co2 footprint, which is very important to us. After we have developed the individual roasting profiles for each coffee on our small Loring roaster, we can transfer them 1 to 1 fully automatically to the larger roaster using the innovative control technology. In this way, we guarantee 100% reproducibility with every roast for all our products and thus always the same taste experience for you. Our coffees are destoned six times during the entire production process. Before bottling, our coffees are sorted using a so-called color sorter, so that only the best beans with the purest taste end up in your bag.
Here, exactly those coffee beans are sorted out that we do not want in our coffee bags, such as: 1. so-called "Quaker" (underdeveloped coffee germ, very unpleasant taste), 2. over-roasted or burnt coffee and 3. stones or other particles, that don't belong in a coffee bag.


Nitrogen flushed

After we have roasted our coffee, we fill it into our coffee bags. But before we finally seal the bag, we first deprive it of all oxygen before we fill it with nitrogen for a split second. In this way, we guarantee consistent quality of the roasted coffee in the unopened pack without any loss of aroma for a period of 4-6 weeks! You can take a closer look at how this machine, which was manufactured to our specifications, works in the video.