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Smooth Sorbet

This espresso delicately melts on the tongue, reminiscent of smooth lemon sorbet. With its light body and remarkable cleanliness, it offers a vibrant and refreshing experience, accentuated by delicate lemony acidity and sweet caramel. The harmonious blend of floral notes adds a layer of sophistication to its elegant profile.

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Origin Panama · Volcan
Variety Bourbon
Process Carbonic Maceration, Natural
Producer Finca Deborah
Cupping Score 89
Altitude 1950m
Harvest 2023
Roast Profile Light

About this coffee

The process of "carbonic maceration" has proven itself in the wine industry for decades. But it was only a few years ago that this method was also transferred to coffee cultivation. One of the pioneers in this field was Jamison Savage, who was one of the first in the world to use the CM process for coffee in 2015. Over the past six years, he has developed various CM techniques and earned an international reputation as a leading expert in the field. Jamison's coffees have won numerous awards at prestigious barista and Brewer's Cup competitions, both nationally and internationally, and have been served in some of the world's best cafés and Michelin-starred restaurants.

The Bourbon Natural CM process begins with the harvesting of perfectly ripe Bourbon coffee cherries with a BRIX score of 24-27. The cherries are then carefully sorted a second time on African drying beds. After selection, the cherries are stored in a sealed tank for an extended period of time. This extended fermentation time allows the coffee cherries to take on deeper and darker fruit notes. The coffee is continuously monitored and the data is carefully documented. The pH, temperature and CO2 levels are crucial factors that are closely monitored. Ambient temperatures are precisely controlled to ensure consistently high quality throughout the processing cycle. Regular CO2 infusions throughout the day ensure that the fermentation process is optimally controlled.

After the required time in the tanks, the bourbon coffee cherries are gently placed on the top level of a three-tier African drying bed designed by Jamison himself, where the coffee dries to a specific residual moisture of around 11%. The temperature, heat and humidity in the drying houses are strictly controlled and kept within certain parameters.

Direct Trade
Quality Focused
Sustainably Cultivated
Direct Trade
Quality Focused
Sustainably Cultivated
Direct Trade
Quality Focused
Sustainably Cultivated


The Farmer

Jamison Savage

Jamison's relentless pursuit of perfection has made him a pioneer in coffee production and a global, leading Producer of Fine Coffees. Taking inspiration from the wine industry, he has pushed for different expressions through variety, terroir and advanced fermentation on each of his award winning farms. He was one of the first to successfully develop Carbonic Maceration and Anaerobic processing in coffee, sparking a global coffee processing revolution. At farm level, Jamison combines natural and organic fertilizers along with a special blend of minerals to enhance root, leaf and over-all tree health. Herbicides and pesticides are strictly forbidden. This holistic, sustainable approach to farming, coupled with the latest technological practices, makes him one of the most impressive premium coffee producers in the world, as evidenced by multiple awards and accolades consistently recognizing his avant-garde approach to coffee.

Savage Coffee

Savage Coffee is a collaboration of boutique coffee producers from Boquete Valley and Volcan, Panama, led by Jamison Savage, who work together to develop some of Panama's finest coffees. Their expertise comes from generations of coffee producers who maintain best practice techniques and a great attention to detail from cultivation to processing. Through years of experimentation and development, they have produced coffees that have competed in most national and world championships (World Brewers Cup, World Barista Championship) and have frequently placed in the top 10. Growing area and region The Panamanian coffee industry is concentrated in the Boquete and Volcán areas. Also called the valley of flowers and eternal spring, these growing areas lie on the sides of Mount Baru and the surrounding foothills. Truly distinctive and unique coffees are produced in these idyllic locations. This highland is blessed with a terroir consisting of highly volcanic enriched soil, abundant moisture, varied microclimates, regular rainfall, dense vegetation that ideally nourishes the coffee plants. It's why it produces the finest shade-grown coffees with complex flavor characteristics that delight the world.

Jamison Savage - owner and producer of Savage & Deborah coffees has been supplying us directly with his exclusive coffees since 2020. These are sent to us exclusively by air freight, vacuum-packed, in order to keep the transport chain as short as possible and the aroma as fresh as possible.